Full Body Massage Service in Pune


A full body massage indicates that the female therapist will massage your whole body during a therapeutic massage lasting at least 45 minutes. That's the amount of time needed to massage all the major areas of your body like back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck west and other parts. Come take our massage service to create a memorable time.

Female to Male Body Massage in Pune


Pune is the city of Joy. At Sanjana Massage Parlour we provide sensation Massage Service to Male by Our Expert and beautiful Females. Our clients loves to take our Hot Female to Male body massage Service.

Warm CHOCOLATE MASSAGE by females to male in Pune. Seasonal body massage Treatment by beautiful Indian female therapist at sanjana massage parlour, located in Pune. We launched luxurious new body massage treatment for use at its network of massages. The deliciously named Chocolate Massage is an indulgent treatment for the body using Dead Sea salts, essential oils & More. It's fantastic trust us.

Swedish Massage Service

Body Treatments

As the best known type of Body-massage or bodyworke performed today, one of the major target of the Swedish massage therapy is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. But Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation.

Reflexology Massage & Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue helps you to relief from your body pain, also helps you for a deep sleep. Each and every part of body and intarnal tissue of your body feel fantastic. Also it will creat more lovely service when therapist are females and they are beautiful. they provide massage with their soft hand and body. take our deep tissue massage in Pune at sanjana massage parlour in Pune.

Reflexology specifically is the use of therapeutic pressure massage in specific areas of our body to facilitate functional flow of energy, pain relief and optimal health. There are areas on our hands and feet called reflexes that correspond to specific areas of our bodies and even organ systems within our bodies. Often in areas that we feel pain there is a blockage of energy preventing health and wellness. Take stress free massages from sanjana massage parlour, a famous name in Pune.

Body Massage Sevice in Pune


Whether you need a body massage for improving or sleep quality or for pain reduction, there can be nothing more relaxing than a massage. But before you head for a massage, you should consider a couple of things like what kind of underwear should you wear and what massage can be right for you.

Body Massage Gives you a better day.

It gives you a ultimate happiness and relaxsation

Also It gives a stress free life.

5 Thinkgs You should Know:

1. Skip wearing underwear

2. Don’t eat a heavy meal before massage

3. Take a shower before & after massage

4. Choose the type of massage you want for You

5. Inform about your allergies to oils or other products

Did you find Full Body Massage service for you in Pune?

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Sanjana Massage Parlour is an ideal place for taking full body massage to test the happiness.. Keep your body always stress freeby taking full body massage from our female therapist.

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